Today I ate cake. Tomorrow I won’t.

You know, no one is perfect. Being a health and fitness professional a lot of people think I’m just perfect all the time with both my diet and exercise.

This is very far from the truth.

Sometimes, I do it. I eat cake. Like today. I had a lot actually. It was a friend’s birthday and I just had no restraint whatsoever. But tomorrow is a new day and I won’t have any cake.

So enough talking about cake and all this, what’s the point?

It’s two-fold.

Welcome to the Lifting Voices Blog

Well here we are. It’s Donna here – your new health and wellness blogger! So much to say and so little time – but I hope to make a lot of time for this new venture.

I’ve been offering health coaching services for the past 20 years and I’m really excited to be bringing all of this online to you in blog format! We’re cooking up some great stuff.

Follow along with this blog for tons of great info on healthy living, weight loss, and just about everything in between.