Today I ate cake. Tomorrow I won’t.

You know, no one is perfect. Being a health and fitness professional a lot of people think I’m just perfect all the time with both my diet and exercise.

This is very far from the truth.

Sometimes, I do it. I eat cake. Like today. I had a lot actually. It was a friend’s birthday and I just had no restraint whatsoever. But tomorrow is a new day and I won’t have any cake.

So enough talking about cake and all this, what’s the point?

It’s two-fold.

1. You need to find some balance in life or you’re going to go crazy.

There’s no way around this. Even extreme body builders have cheat meals (and many of them cheat more than you’d think!). It’s important to keep your sanity and balance. Especially if you’re just living your every day life. You don’t want to deprive yourself of something you just need to find the right balance for it. You need to take the time to truly believe and grasp this so that you can learn how to lose 10 pounds fast.

2. Don’t let a little hiccup today derail your entire week or month.

I see this so often. Monday seems to be the day where everyone wants to get healthy. Why? because when something goes wrong throughout the week we write it all off and we want to wait for the following Monday to start back up.

Don’t let this happen. Separate days instead of weeks and you’ll do much less damage and have much better results than you used to. Just because you ate a little bit of cake today doesn’t mean that you need wait until Monday to get back on the band wagon.

Believe me, being a woman I know things are tougher so I need to make sure I rebound quicker than next Monday. Here’s a short video on weight loss for women:

How have things been going for you? Are you achieving your health goals? Leave a comment below or send over an email and let me know! Or alternatively you can check out Dave over at

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